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The legendary cloud has seen a massive upturn in 2017 with most organizations spending up to 80% of their IT budgets on Cloud solutions alone.  Hybrid cloud adoption has grown from 20% in 2016 to over 50% in 2017. The real question is why?

Demand on IT is increasing whilst the key skills required to deploy these solutions are low. How then can clients keep IT costs down whilst receiving access to all the services they need without complications from their IT teams…. By utilising a “Cloud” solution. There are a numerous amount of issues relative to security, cost and trust related to the cloud. Simply IT do not work with compromise especially in security and have released the alternative to cloud “Simply 360”.

The Simply 360 suite is a range of services offered from Simply IT’s Datacentre. These can range from an off-site backup to a full server environment. All solutions are secured by the Security as a Service offering meaning that no matter what solution you choose you can remain confident in your data’s geographical and logical integrity.

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