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Interactive Classroom

Simply-IT can help you transform your classrooms into centric interactive learning space where both students are engaged and teachers are inspired.

Engage your learners and effortlessly transform your teaching with the classroom-ready Murus. With 10-point touch capabilities to encourage multi-user interaction, collaboration and creativity, an anti-glare 4K resolution screen and a powerful inbuilt Android operating system, Murus is the perfect device for presentations, group challenges and as a real-time peer assessment centre.

With the innovative SNAPS interface designed specifically for the classroom, you can effortlessly capture students’ imaginations and deliver vibrant, interactive lessons in an instant. Whether you’re looking to present to the class,research a specific topic area, share content from another screen or launch a specific application, Murus gives you the flexibility you need within the classroom


Every Murus comes complete with a range of educational applications built right in Creative Tools such as ‘WorkSpace’ and ‘Author’ allow teachers or students to build creative works like collages or interactive eBooks.

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Whats Included

  • 4K Ultra HD 10-Point Touch
  • Integrated LearnPad Technology
  • 16GB Integrated Storage
  • 5mm Tempered Anti-Glare Glass
  • Multiple Input Connectivity Ports
  • Wi-Fi and Ethernet Network Port
  • 2X Built-In 15W Stereo Speakers
  • Remote Control and Pen

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