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Keeping Schools Online – Upgrades

In the fast-growing world of ICT, keeping schools online is a continual challenge. It’s really vital to have the latest software and a fast connection, if your school wants to benefit from the latest trends and tools available. At Simply IT, we love what we do, and we also love keeping up to date with the latest ICT systems and security software to keep schools online as safely as possible.

One of the biggest risk factors for a school is when an IT system becomes old and outdated. Anti-virus and security software must be kept up to date at all times to ensure your pupils and computers are safe and secure.


Alban Lower School

We’ve recently upgraded the ICT systems at Alban Lower School, an academy based in Bedfordshire. The school’s current system was getting old and dated, and was not providing sufficient support for the growing numbers of children and staff. As the school already had an ICT Manager based onsite, Simply IT provided support remotely, which involved consultation along with regular projects focussed on upgrading the existing ICT systems.


Upgrading school networks

The Simply IT solution for Alban Lower School was to set up a managed Ruckus wireless system, which we both procured and installed. Exchange servers were also provided and installed to support the schools e-mail system and backup. This enabled the school to have increased network performance throughout the building.

What’s more, the school had no systems in place to report any IT issues experienced by staff or pupils. Therefore, a helpdesk facility was set-up. This system provides an organised reporting mechanism for engineers, who are able to respond to any IT issues by priority of urgency, and with greater efficiency. With this new process in place, staff, teachers and pupils are now able to continue their daily roles without being interrupted by time consuming computer errors.



If your school needs any IT upgrades, please contact us today to find out how we can improve your schools online experience.

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