Connect the Classroom
How to get super-fast school broadband

The Department for Education’s mission is to ensure that every school in England can access high-speed internet by 2025.  It is already rolling out several schemes to help them.

A pilot £30m Connect the Classroom scheme launched in 2022 to support this mission, and it will enable schools in rural or less served areas to apply for funding to boost their broadband.

The Department for Education’s mission is to ensure that every school in England can access high-speed internet by 2025.  It is already rolling out several schemes to help them.

Help to connect YOUR school

Successful school IT funding applications require a clear needs assessment and estimates for the required upgrades.   A simple quotation from a broadband provider won’t cut the mustard.

Smart schools will solicit advice and recommendations from expert school IT technology experts and solution providers, like Simply IT.

An IT audit and assessment of your current WiFi and broadband setup is the perfect place to start building the information you need for your Connect the Classroom school IT funding application. It simply starts with a conversation.

Is your school eligible?

Schools in 24 Priority Education Investment Areas of the UK are eligible to apply for school IT funding for Connect the Classroom – are you based in any of these places?





Fenlands and East Cambs.








North Yorkshire Coast











West Somerset

Benefits of fast broadband for schools

Fast broadband can provide many benefits for schools, including:

1. Enhanced access to online educational resources and information: Teachers and students alike benefit from access to a wide range of educational content available online, such as videos, interactive simulations, and online assessments, which can enhance learning and engagement. Resources can be easily accessed in any classroom via smartboards or devices.

2. Remote education: Speedy cloud connections enabled by fast broadband makes managing distance learning and remote lesson delivery more dependable, to support students who cannot attend school for any reason and increasing the flexibility for teachers to deliver lessons from anywhere.

3. Agility and flexibility: Schools with faster broadband capabilities can be highly adaptable in their approach to delivering education if there is disruption due to weather or illness. No matter what happens, teachers and students can easily access the resources they need.

4. Easier communication and collaboration: with faster broadband available students and teachers can communicate and collaborate enhancing remote learning, individual and group student engagement, and better faculty teamworking.

5. Better administrative capabilities: With faster connectivity, schools can manage, organise and analyse student data and files more efficiently. This makes it easier for educators to plan lessons, manage timetables, and track student progress.

Contact Simply IT today to find out how we can help you access better, faster, unbreakable broadband and ensure seamless WiFi access everywhere on campus – whether you are eligible for Connect the Classroom or not

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