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  Email Hosting

Hosted Email is becoming common practice as a result of GCloud, Office 365 and its competitors. The cost of hosting your own email is becoming expensive and securing the system is becoming even more expensive. How do you differentiate your choice of Hosted Email; Cost? Favourite Brand? Usability?

Most companies will not finalise their choice of hosted emails based on its usability and not many base their choice on security.

Simply 360 offers a secure, powerful and intelligent alternative to the typical cloud suppliers by integrating tightly with the Security as a Service offering. This means you know where your data is, why your data is there and how that data is protected.

It will also give you a full Exchange Hosted Email Service which will mean you can utilise Activesync along all your devices to keep them in sync.

Whats Included

  • Competitive rate per user
  • Security as a Service integrated
  • Intelligent Email
  • Mail Filtering Included
  Disaster Recovery

Prep Prep Prep ! The records show that 90% of businesses that have suffered a 7-day or more computer loss have had to shut down the business. Preparation is vital.

It can easily be caused through many sources that are not necessarily all from general disasters. These can include natural disasters, human error, fire and the unlikely event of a simultaneous system failure.

Ensuring your business continuity is invaluable and now is the time to start building your plan. Simply IT offer Disaster Recovery solutions that coincides with the Simply 360 solutions. This means that you do not need to order any separate hardware to achieve your DR compliance.

  Security As A Service

Cyber security is growing every day with 2017 seeing an average of 200,000 new malware packages released every day, over 4,000 Ransom ware attacks every day and phishing emails reaching 97%.

Simply IT foreseen the forecast and began developing the Security as a Service solution; a solution that protects your end users by filtering traffic from the point of entry into your network all the way to your desktop.

The Security as a Service solution stretches along the whole Simply IT portfolio helping you to achieve your GDPR compliance and complimenting your existing IT architecture.

The Security as a Service offering doesn’t just offer you the peace of mind it offers you the transparency you need to geographically and logically know where your data is at all times. Simply IT use its own specially crafted Datacentre in the heart of London to host the Security as a Service offering alongside the additional hosted services including Off-site Backups,

As the Controllers are situated at Simply IT’s Datacentre in London this means that you are aware where your data is being stored at all times.

Whats Included

  • Filter your Apps
  • Filter your Desktop
  • Prevent Intrusion
  • Stabilise your Disaster Recovery

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