Making IT Simple for Businesses

Simply IT delivers simple IT services and support solutions for companies that are starting to demand more from their IT infrastructure and need friendly and accessible expert IT help.

Escalating IT services and support needs

We work with companies who are starting to need more from their IT services and systems. Early on it can be simple to support a small team with the technology they need. By the time you have 50, 100 or several hundred, things are changing fast:

  • IT systems are getting more complex
  • IT support needs are growing with user numbers
  • The costs of in-house IT resources keep rising

Our IT support services for growing businesses help you keep support costs under control and make the most effective use of your IT resources.

We are happy to work alongside an in house team to extend or complement their capabilities, or act as a fully outsourced IT support or managed IT service provider if you don’t have an IT team.

Reshaping IT for a changing economy

Every business must now adapt to changes in working practices and growing economic pressures. That means building in new flexibility to cope with continuing change and creating new efficiencies in the business as you:

  • Move IT services, systems and data to the cloud
  • Enable secure and flexible remote and hybrid working
  • Leverage opportunities of more and more connected devices

Simply IT can help you modernise IT systems, find better ways to store and protect business information, and deliver secure flexible remote desktops for all your users.

Reducing costs, risks and impact of business IT

Today’s businesses are keen to reduce not just the cost but the environmental impact of IT. And the last thing they want is for their IT to present risks to the business – whether from accidental data loss or a cybersecurity threat. It is creating new imperatives such as:

  • Protect IT systems against cyber threats such as ransomware
  • Secure email against spam, malware or phishing
  • Maintain offsite data backups to assure business continuity

Moving to the cloud with our aid not only can reduce on-premise energy use and enable better use of expensive space. It can also help you benefit from robust, resilient, and highly secure IT environments that you could never create alone. Simply IT provides its hosted solutions and delivers its secure Hosted Email and system Security as a Service from one of the most resilient of all.

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