Making IT Simple in the East Midlands

Simply IT builds some of its very best relationships with clients located closest to us. We deliver IT services and support across the East Midlands with customers in Northampton, Milton Keynes and nearby cities like Bedford, Peterborough and Cambridge.

IT services for Northampton, Milton Keynes and the East Midlands

We started as a provider of IT support in Northampton and are still proudly based in the city with no intention of moving. We provide IT support for growing businesses in Northampton, Milton Keynes, and across the East Midlands region.

As a local family-run business, we understand the value to regional customers of having trusted IT provider in Northampton and close by.

Having an IT support team in reach of your business means we can truly operate as your own IT department to provide the IT support, IT managed services or IT solutions when you need them.

  • Design and deliver more personalised services customised to your needs
  • Build strong, face to face relationships with you and your users
  • Get to know your IT system thoroughly, so we can advise you on strategy
  • Locate IT engineers on site full-time or on an agreed schedule per contract
  • Dispatch IT engineers directly to site to resolve problems when they arise

Flexible and simple IT services for local business

Simply IT gives local and growing East Midlands businesses affordable and flexible access to enterprise-grade IT services and solutions that used to be far out of the reach of smaller firms.

These include highly resilient and super-secure hosted solutions that can help you protect your systems and email users, move servers and data easily to the cloud, and much more.

IT for East Midlands economic growth

Our local economy is growing, and that’s down to our amazing businesses. The East Midlands is even forecast to grow faster than the rest of the UK economy according to Oxford Economics.*

Not one but several of our cities featured in the latest Powerhouse UK report. Milton Keynes topped the economic value performance chart for 2021 with strong employment growth too. It is expected to stay at the top of the top 10 Powerhouse Cities table into 2023, with Peterborough second in line.

These growing businesses need strong East Midlands IT solutions and good East Midlands IT support for increasing number of users.

Did you know that more than 8400 of our region’s businesses have twenty or more staff – while 3000 businesses in the region have more than 50 employees?

*Future of the East Midlands Economy – September 2021 – House of Commons Library

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