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Making IT simple... to implement

IT solutions – made simple

Simply IT puts simple and powerful IT solutions in place that address even the most pressing IT challenges and concerns. Many are designed ‘as a service’ to help you spread the costs, and all are designed to give you maximum peace of mind that your IT is under control.

Keep IT up to date

Helping you modernise and move to a secure, scalable and constantly available cloud

Simply 360 cloud service hosts your entire system safely and affordably within our own secure cloud environment at central London’s most resilient datacentre. Your systems are secure, constantly backed up and benefit from uninterruptable power.

Connect your business

Bringing you secure wireless solutions to support high performance networks

Our wireless installations feature smart, secure solutions from our partner Ruckus Networks, delivering fast and reliable connectivity to maintain productivity, keep staff, customers and devices connected, and connect continuously to the cloud.

Enable hybrid working

Creating customised remote working, learning and collaboration solutions

Simply IT is extraordinarily skilled in virtual desktop and remote working solutions. Our custom Virtual Desktop Infrastructure solution built on VMware can provide every user with a virtual desktop that is available to them any time, anywhere.

Create smarter sites

Helping you connect your buildings, people and devices securely across sites

Simply IT can help you create smarter and more secure buildings by connecting their wired and wireless systems with IP based devices ranging from phones to CCTV, access control and visitor management platforms – bringing the Internet of Things to your business.

Secure buildings

Delivering secure control over building access and visibility of building occupants and visitors

Simply IT are access control solutions experts, using user friendly Paxton Access Control systems that ensure you determine who has access to what building, when. We install powerful InVentry Visitor Management solutions so you know who is on site, supporting health, safety and fire risk management.

Plan IT strategy

Providing access to expert IT consultants to help you plan for your future IT needs

The Simply IT Strategy service delivers smart advice and planning help so that you can create an effective IT roadmap. Advisory engagements often start with an IT Audit to give you a clear and complete picture of where you stand today against your future needs.

Assure continuity

Preparing for disaster recovery so you avoid data loss and assure business continuity

The Simply IT Disaster Recovery solution works in harmony with Simply 360 cloud services, so you can meet your DR compliance standards or aims without purchasing extra hardware. Offsite backups are hosted at our central London datacentre, so you know where your data is located, meeting GDPR standards.

Defend IT systems

Protecting you against ever-growing cyber threats and risks 24/7/365

Simply IT Security as a Service continually monitors your network, desktop and apps to prevent intrusion, giving peace of mind. Security monitoring controllers and any offsite backups we hold for Disaster Recovery are located at our central London datacentre, so you always know where your data is located, meeting GDPR standards.

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