IT Support Services – £6.50 per user

  IT Support

IT Support is a reliable service for companies with their own existing IT resource on-site. Simply IT act as an extra layer of support so that should extra resource be needed for temporary purposes or issues too complicated for on-site services team, the issue would be escalated for our team to resolve the issue.

Our IT team have a range of experiences. All of our engineers are well trained and will spend a lot of time on R & D testing new products for when they are released. There are multiple channels of access to the support team including Helpdesk, Telephone and Web Based portals.

Whats Included

  • Happy Clients
  • Outsourcing
  • Pay as you go Options
  • Fast Response Times
  IT Managed Services

Simply IT understand the complications, limitations and lack of flexibility with internal staff; The Managed Services framework helps to alleviate this by utilising a dedicated service provider to act as your IT resource. This gives you assurances and access of fully trained resources where and when you need them.

Simply IT prides itself on its capability to deliver a fast responding and reliable support offering utilising the Managed Services framework. Simply IT managed services offer clients an on-site visitation once per month, proactive monitoring and free* consultation to achieve a smooth operating network infrastructure.

Simply IT was founded on Managed Services and this remains the number one priority in the Simply IT eco-system.

Whats Included

  • On-Site IT Services Included
  • Proactive Monitoring
  • Free* Consultation Services
  • Simply IT – Number One Priority
  • Happy Customers
  On-Premise Server Solutions

The on-premise server solution is still and will probably always be the most powerful network offering available to any customer. The only difficulty with on-premise server solutions is the cost in supporting/installing it.

Simply IT offer an very powerful IT Managed Service offering that pairs really well with on-premise server solutions to ensure high availability despite the customer size.

Simply IT have years of experience working with on-premise servers including Windows Clusters, VMware Clusters, Citrix Clusters and Linux.

The Simply IT Team have many years of experience installing a range of different Microsoft applications including Microsoft Exchange all the way up to 2016, Skype for Business, SharePoint, Remote Desktop Virtualization and Dynamics.

Simply IT train all of its staff towards MCSA following the initial CCNA certification achieved through Cisco.

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