Interactive Classrooms

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Interactive Classrooms

Interactive classrooms require three important things.

Having the right technology in place for teachers and pupils to use to enhance learning, such as interactive smart boards.

Giving teachers the devices and desktop services so they can create and store lesson plans, work with the timetable, do their admin tasks and communicate with colleagues and school leaders.

Lastly, ensuring that all these technology elements can connect easily and quickly to the school network and internet, and share and download information safely.

Smart boards for classroom

Classroom smart boards

Smart boards engage the whole class whether presenting or collaborating to learn and explore subjects. Simply IT installs high resolution classroom-ready Murus smart boards, which come fully-featured and with a powerful SNAPS interface, designed for classrooms. Creative and educational applications are built in so that teachers and students can imagine and create.

Interactive Classroom - Virtual Reality Headset

Virtual reality learning

Simply IT expertly installs ClassVR solutions that combine student VR headsets with everything a teacher needs to introduce virtual reality into the classroom to aid education and engagement. It includes classroom-ready devices coupled with teacher controls and a vast array of curriculum aligned content and lesson plans to bring information alive in three dimensions.

Interactive Classrooms - Teachers Virtual Desktops

Teachers Virtual Desktops

Simply IT is not only expert in deploying all mainstream virtual desktop solutions on the market. It provides a custom and fully ‘desktopless’ Virtual Desktop Infrastructure solution for schools.  Each teacher can log into their own school desktop, workspace, files, and emails securely from any classroom or a personal laptop – when they log out, all traces of that ‘pc’ disappears, making it very secure.

School Virtual Desktops

School IT strategies must remain responsive to new learnings around educational technology emerges. Did you know that the latest global PISA study from the OECD suggests that students may learn most effectively when technology is in the teachers’ hands rather than their own?

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