7 Reasons Why Leasing Hardware Could Benefit Your School

Are you struggling to find the necessary funds to upgrade your school’s hardware? Rather than exhausting your school’s capital reserves, why not consider safeguarding them with an alternative payment option? Leasing your new IT equipment through a public-sector compliant Operating Lease is not only easy to arrange but also the most effective way to manage your school’s budgets. At Simply IT, we’ve teamed up with a trusted lease company to provide schools with a stress-free way to upgrade their hardware. In this blog post, we’ll explore the ways in which leasing is an advantageous approach for schools looking to upgrade their hardware.


The 7 benefits of leasing your school’s hardware:


 1. Cost Distribution

Spread the equipment cost over its useful life, aligning it with the warranty term.

2. Latest Technology

Option to refresh your hardware for new at the end of the lease.

3. Tailored Payment Schedules

Defer payments until April or September to align with your financial year.

4. Simplified Budgeting

Benefit from a single cost that covers the entire installation process.

5. Preservation of Capital Reserves

Allocate your capital reserves to other pressing school demands.

6. Fixed Costs Security

Protect your school against unpredictable interest rate fluctuations.

7. Flexible Financing

Access financing options starting from £2000 over two to five years.


Our trusted lease company partner has facilitated various lease agreements, including:


– A 3-year Operating Lease with a deferred first payment for a local authority school, allowing them to utilise their budgets effectively.

– A 3-year Operating Lease with a deferred payment for an Academy Trust, enabling equipment delivery and installation in June, with payments commencing in their new financial year in September.

– A 2-year Operating Lease with a deferred payment coinciding with the termination of an existing lease agreement, ensuring a seamless transition for the school’s technology upgrades.


In essence, we customise our lease plans to accommodate your specific needs, enabling your school to acquire new hardware when required, without the constraints of the financial year. With the option to choose a financing period ranging from 1 year to 5 years and the flexibility to pay quarterly or annually, it’s a hassle-free solution that can alleviate your financial burdens. With our tailored payment plans, you can streamline the process of enhancing your school’s hardware, ensuring a seamless and efficient learning environment for both students and educators. If you’re interested in finding out how our flexible payment plans could benefit your school, call us today on 01604 950 018 or schedule a chat with us at a later date here. Simply IT, making IT simple for schools.


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