Education supplier - Simply IT joins BESA

Simply IT joins BESA to add its voice in helping school business leaders make informed educational supplier decisions

Simply IT has been an educational supplier for decades, helping schools with their educational technology, solutions, and services. Now we are delighted to announce that we are part of BESA, the British Educational Suppliers Association.

Choosing the right school IT provider or IT support solution are now among the most business-critical choices facing school business leaders. Not only do the digital demands on schools continue to rise every year, but the field of educational technology continues to develop at immense speed.

David Barreau, founder and CTO said:

“After many years supporting primary and secondary schools with their IT needs, joining BESA seems a natural next step. We remain true to our founding principle of making IT as simple as possible for schools, through uncomplicated IT services and solutions, and BESA offers a further way to doing this.

“We look forward to joining our voice to that of other educational suppliers to help raise awareness of the challenges facing UK educational leaders.”

BESA, the British Educational Suppliers Association, is the trade association for the UK education suppliers’ sector. Each year it publishes powerful research, acts as a strong promoter of the needs of UK schools, and celebrates excellence in the form of awards.

An excellent example of this has been announced this week, in the form of the EdTech Leadership Briefing Paper – produced in association with NAACE: the Educational Technology Association.

Described as a strategic briefing paper for school leaders, it will build on the findings of the annual ICT in Schools survey from BESA, adding important leadership questions and comments to help senior business leaders in schools to make informed educational supplier decisions about their school information technology and communications.

The paper will be available at the end of March, with the goal of helping readers to understand the context around the current provision and use of EdTech in UK schools, deliver some unique visibility of school spending and priorities, and deliver a handy quick audit tool for leaders to explore.

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