Important Announcement for Schools: Hosted SIMS Mandatory Update for Enhanced Performance

It was recently announced that starting from July until October 2023, service improvements will be made to your hosted SIMS environment. It will be migrating you onto ParentPay’s tried and tested private cloud solution. Although it’s a mandatory switch, we are excited to share this news with you. As a trusted managed service provider, we are dedicated to bringing you the best solutions for smooth and efficient school management. In this blog, we’ll explain how this update will elevate your school’s hosted SIMS experience to new heights with guaranteed improved performance and stability on SIMS.

How will this hosted SIMS update affect your school?

The update can be done discreetly, behind the scenes, during this school’s summer term break to minimise any disruptions to your school. From then on, you can log in just as you did before, but now with the added benefits of the improved SIMS performance. It’s as simple as that!

Here’s a quick recap of what this mandatory update brings to your school:

Improved Performance: Say goodbye to lagging and slow response times. Experience a faster, smoother hosted SIMS system.

Enhanced Stability: Your school’s data will be even more secure in this stable environment.

Hassle-Free Switch: Let us take care of everything, making the process seamless for you.

This update needs to be running on a minimum of Windows 10 or Windows Server 2019. If you’re not currently on this version, you will need to upgrade your server before being able to migrate.

At Simply IT, we understand the importance of change that brings genuine benefits. We are committed to supporting you throughout this journey, providing any assistance you may need. If you need any help making this update, contact us today! Let us help you to enhance your hosted SIMS experience and stay in line with mandatory updates.