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Simple Guide for When You Forget Your Password or Can’t Log In!

We’ve all been there—staring at the screen, unable to log in because we’ve forgotten our password or are having trouble with our account. Whether you’re running a business or managing a school, these moments can be stressful. But don’t worry! Our tech experts at Simply IT have put together a simple guide to help you troubleshoot and resolve these common issues.

Step-by-Step Simple Guide:

  1. Check Your Caps Lock and Num Lock Keys:

    • Ensure that your Caps Lock and Num Lock keys are in the correct state. Sometimes, these keys can cause password entry errors.
  2. Reset Your Password:

    • Click “Forgot Password”: Most login pages have a “Forgot Password” option. Click it and follow the instructions to reset your password.
    • Check Your Email: Look for the password reset email in your inbox (and spam folder). Follow the link provided to create a new password.
  3. Use a Password Manager:

    • Consider using a password manager to store and autofill your passwords. It simplifies login and helps you avoid forgotten passwords.
  4. Clear Your Browser Cache:

    • Sometimes, your browser’s cache can cause login issues. Clear your cache and cookies, then try logging in again.
  5. Try a Different Browser or Device:

    • If you’re having trouble logging in, switch to a different web browser or device. Sometimes, compatibility issues can prevent successful logins.
  6. Check for Account Lockouts:

    • If you’ve made several failed login attempts, your account might be temporarily locked. Wait for a while before trying again, or follow the instructions provided in the lockout message.
  7. Contact Support:

    • If none of the above steps work, reach out to your IT support team. They can help you regain access and ensure there are no underlying issues with your account.


Dealing with login issues can be frustrating, but this simple guide can often resolve the problem. Remember, at Simply IT, we’re always here to help you with any IT issues you encounter. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team on 01604 950 018 or at for personalised assistance. Stay secure and keep your tech running smoothly!


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