Virtual Desktops for Schools

Making school networks simple... to manage

Virtual Desktops for Schools

Simply IT delivers powerful virtual desktops that provide every teacher and administrator with the ability to log in and work wherever they are, and on any laptop or desktop.

Virtual Desktops have traditionally been too expensive for schools – and tough for on site technicians to maintain. But not any more.

Interactive Classrooms - Teachers Virtual Desktops

Teachers Virtual Desktops

Simply IT has developed a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure solution optimised for schools and the needs of teachers which is based on the industry leading VMware Horizon platform.

Scalable to any size of school’s environment, it is part of our Simply 360 suite of SaaS services designed to complement current networks but make them more economical, efficient, and easy to maintain.

Teachers have enough to do, without having to lug their tablet or laptop around the school so they can access their applications or files when they need them. When they do log on, it needs to be extremely secure to protect student information – especially if they are working from home.

Remote access isn’t new – but many remote solutions aren’t right for schools. It can be clunky for users. Dialling in through VPNs isn’t totally secure. 2-factor authentication is an irritant. Each time a user logs in, the system can look a bit different, depending on the device they happen to be using.

Time for something better.

Benefits of Simply IT Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

For Users

  • Easy access on campus – open your own desktop, email and files from any classroom PC or teachers’ lounge – without having to carry a laptop or tablet around site.
  • No confusion. It will always look, feel and work the same whichever device they use.
  • Secure remote access – open your desktop from a laptop, mobile device or family PC as you plan lessons, do marking, catch up on paperwork or manage other admin from home.
  • Leave behind copying files or managing different versions – all your files are opened remotely on the server, never downloaded locally, and saved back to the same central location.

For IT admins

  • Administer virtual desktop and application images across the whole environment – on-premise or in the cloud
  • Provision desktops for new teachers and staff rapidly.
  • Roll out or update new applications instantly by deploying across all desktops at once.
  • Monitor desktops, user session and application health in real-time via a single user interface.
  • Optimise video and audio support for collaboration and communications tools, including Microsoft Teams.
  • Manage desktops on-premises or in your cloud environment of choice – including Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and others.

Easy. Affordable. Secure. Scaleable. Flexible. Easy to manage.

… but what exactly IS a Virtual Desktop?

Virtual desktops use virtual machines to deliver and manage virtual desktops for all the users of a school IT network.  They can then access these from anywhere they have an internet connection.

All school data and student information lives securely on the school host server, and is never transferred to the end device – so nothing is compromised if a school device goes missing, or someone misplaces a personal laptop.

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