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School IT Services & Support

Simply IT was originally founded to deliver school IT services and support – and it remains central to our mission still.

No modern school can educate or operate effectively without strong and secure IT networks that are well supported by their school business leaders and expert IT engineers and support technicians.

Simply IT brings the expert IT engineering and support skills you need – along with a range of tailored IT solutions and services for schools.

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School IT Support

We provide IT support for school users in many secondary and primary schools. PAYG IT support lets you pay only for what you use – while contracted services bring predictable spend.

Visit our general IT Support page to explore our flexible options, and think which is best for your school

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Managed School Networks

Our IT managed services support schools nationwide.  We can take responsibility for a whole school network or just a part of it, to complement an existing IT network resource or support a MAT IT team.

Explore our general managed IT Services page – all our managed services can be tuned to the needs of schools

School IT Audit & Strategy

It has never been as important to plan school IT strategy carefully. We understand your budget pressures and new school digital readiness standards. We can help you assess where you are now with a full School IT Audit – then create an affordable phased plan to help bring your systems, devices, connectivity, and cybersecurity up to date.

Secure School Access

School Building Access

We deploy effective, affordable CCTV and access control solutions to help schools meet evolving security needs. We are expert installers of user-friendly Paxton systems so you can track entries and exits from any school building or area, and InVentry visitor management solutions so you always know who is on the premises.

Connected Schools

Whether you need effective and faster WiFi within one school building or across the campus, Simply IT can help. We are networking experts who can help you bring your broadband up to speed and ensure your network is operating at full efficiency, to meet the very latest government digital standards

Interactive Classrooms - Teachers Virtual Desktops

Virtual School Desktops

Simply IT is not only expert in deploying all mainstream virtual desktop solutions on the market. It provides a custom and fully ‘desktopless’ Virtual Desktop Infrastructure solution for schools.  Each teacher can log into their own school desktop, workspace, files, and emails securely from any classroom or a personal laptop – when they log out, all traces of that ‘pc’ disappears, making it very secure.


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School Cybersecurity

Our IT Security as a Service keeps a constant watch for cyberthreats and intrusions. It’s backed up by experienced engineers who know what to do if there is any cybersecurity issue.  We can hold offsite data backups at our secure London data centre, and help you get up and running fast if you ever need Disaster Recovery support.

Interactive classrooms can’t work effectively when IT infrastructure begins to age. Government-backed school digital maturity research in March 2022 revealed that less than 50% of schools are fully cloud based.

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